Exam Prep Help!

The Library wants to help!! Here are three important tips as you prepare for upcoming exams:

· Visit the Library’s Exam Preparation Resources page for lots of sources containing practical advice and strategies.

· Visit our archive of previous years’ exams, organized by course name and professor, found under Student Resources on the NYLS Portal.

· Try some CALI lessons, interactive tutorials covering almost all law school subjects. CALI also offers a variety of lessons and podcasts with exam tips and advice from faculty, including Top 10 Tips for Successfully Writing a Law School Essay and Tips for Multiple Choice Exams in Law School. If you haven’t registered for CALI, contact the Reference Desk (reference@nyls.edu) for the access code or pick up a CALI card at the Reference Desk.

CALI also wants to help you “tune out the noise,” with their complimentary earplugs. Grab a pair (a pair) at the Reference Desk.



Attention 1Ls: Revised CALI Authorization Code

It turns out that the CALI authorization code that was distributed during First Week’s Finding the Law class in the Library was the code for SUNY Buffalo instead of NYLS. CALI inadvertently sent us the incorrect code.

If you have already registered with CALI, your registration has been reassigned to NYLS and you need not do anything further.

If you have not already registered with CALI, please disregard the authorization code that was stapled to the CALI brochure you received during First Week and stop by the Library’s Reference Desk to pick up a bookmark containing the revised authorization code.

If you are not currently a 1L student please disregard this post. The CALI authorization code remains the same as in previous years.

Summer Extension of Westlaw Passwords

Students have the option of extending full access to Westlaw over the summer if they meet one or more of the following criteria (see Westlaw’s web site for specific restrictions):

– Enrolled in summer law school
– On law journal or moot court
– Working as a research assistant for a faculty member
– Working at an unpaid, non-profit, public interest internship/externship or doing pro bono work required for graduation

In order to take advantage of this extension, you must complete the summer extension request form at: http://lawschool.westlaw.com/registration/summerextension.asp

For those continuing students not entitled to a summer extension, full access passwords will deactivate on May 31, 2008, and will automatically reactivate on August 1, 2008.

If you do not extend your password, you will have full access to Westlaw for only two hours in June and two hours in July. New law school graduates are entitled to ten hours of access total for June and July 2008 to assist them in their bar review studies; any non-academic use of this time is prohibited.

CALI Access Code & Lessons

Information about using and downloading the CALI lessons, as well as the law school access code, are available here.

You can also stop by the Library Reference Desk and pick up the 2005-2006 CALI CD-ROM (with 600 interactive lessons and tutorials).

New CALI Lessons

A large number of new CALI lessons and podcasts (including Federal Income Taxation, Constitutional Law, Torts, etc.) have been released since issuance of the 2005-2006 CD. Click here to view and download new lessons. When downloading lessons from the CALI site, you will need our subscriber access code to register. View this Library page for access instructions and the link to the access code.

LexisNexis Offers Spell Checking

When doing a search in LexisNexis (either natural language or terms and connector), you now have the option to run a spell checker before running a search. In the search dialog box, click on the Check Spelling link to spellcheck your search terms.

Critical Announcement regarding your LexisNexis ID

As part of a customer security program, LexisNexis has implemented several ID policy changes specifically for law school users that went into effect on June 29th. The changes are set forth below.

Also effective on June 29, each current law school customer (students, librarians, faculty, and staff) will be required to register his/her 7-digit lexis.com ID and create a custom ID and password that will be used to access the LexisNexis services.

Those students, librarians, faculty and staff members who have already created a custom ID and password will not be affected by the above changes. However, they must use their custom IDs and passwords to access the LexisNexis services.

Please also be aware that for security reasons, LexisNexis sales representatives, Customer Support, and the main contacts at your schools will not have the ability to obtain or view any customer passwords.

Law School customers that need password assistance can use the Manage Password link on the LexisNexis Law School Home Page, or call Customer Support.

If you have any questions regarding this new law school ID policy, please contact Nejat Bumin, our LexisNexis Account Representative (800-437-8674 x 7287; e-Mail:nejat.bumin@lexis-nexis.com) or call Customer Support at 1-800-45-LEXIS.