Summer and Post-Graduation Use of Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis and Westlaw

Student access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance and Westlaw is governed by our academic subscription plans.  Under these plans, your passwords to these services may be deactivated or limited in use beginning June 1, 2015.


  • Bloomberg Law and Lexis Advance offer students unlimited access over the summer, for any purpose.


  • Westlaw access is limited to 40 hours during the months of June and July, unless you are using it for academic pursuits (e.g. summer school, internships, research fellowships). To get unlimited academic use during the summer, you must apply for an extension on Westlaw’s website.

FOR GRADUATING STUDENTS:  All of these services offer extensions of up to 6 months to help you prepare for the bar, conduct your job search, or become a more proficient searcher.  But you must apply for these extensions, using the services’ websites.

For complete details about password extensions, please visit:

Register now to ensure that these research databases are there when you need them.

Free SCOTUSblog App Now Available

SCOTUSblog, a popular blog providing comprehensive coverage of the United States Supreme Court, recently announced the availability of a FREE iOS app.

The new app provides mobile access to the content available on SCOTUSblog, access to its Twitter feed, and notifications alerting users to breaking Supreme Court news.  It will also “be rolling out new features and improvements regularly.”

You can download the FREE SCOTUSblog iOS App at the App Store.


THOMAS, the Library of Congress’s longstanding Web site for congressional and legislative research, is gradually being supplanted by a new research platform,  Although still in beta, is intended to make searching for legislation easier and more convenient for the next generation of internet users.  The Web site’s responsive design adapts to tablet or smartphone screens and features an easy-to-locate, front-and-center search field.  As the Web site continues to be refined over the next year to improve functionality, public feedback is strongly encouraged.  Check it out!

Mendik Mobile: See the App in action!

What’s Mendik Mobile?  It’s an App that will let you access some of the Mendik Library’s key services on your smartphone. It’s a free download and is now available for Apple, Android, Blackberry and a wide variety of other smartphone platforms.

Want to see the App in action?  Visit the Library Reference Desk on Tuesday, October 18, at 12:45 pm and/or 5:45 pm.  As an added bonus, you can have your photo taken with your favorite librarian while enjoying some sweet pre-Halloween treats.


Westlaw on Internet Explorer in Library Labs

Technical problems are preventing users from accessing the Westlaw research website from computers in the Library’s lab rooms.  The NYLS Office of Information Technology is currently troubleshooting the problem.  Until it is resolved, lab users should launch the Firefox browser to access Westlaw.

Westlaw users: please update your browser

If you’re a Westlaw user, you should make sure you have a current version of your web browser:

Beginning in March, platforms no longer support Web browser versions earlier than the following: Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.0, Firefox 1.0, and Safari 1.1. The browsers that are blocked are no longer supported by the companies that created them, and this lack of support can generate problems during development and with issue resolution. Most importantly, these browsers are not receiving security updates, which could lead to a security risk. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Westlaw technical support at: 1-800-WESTLAW (1-800-937-8529).

Webcourse E-mail Address Reminder

Please make sure you register or update both your LexisNexis and Westlaw ID registration with your official NYLS e-mail address. During the semester, your professors will be using the e-mail component of both the LexisNexis and Westlaw web courses to send you course information. E-mail communication sent from the class web page is sent to the e-mail address on file with the vendor. It is strongly recommended that you use your New York Law School e-mail address. You will have this account until you graduate and there will be less chance of lost, bounced or rejected messages.