The Haunted Halloween Info Hunt Returns!

Happy Halloween from the Mendik Library!

Here’s your chance to WIN some great study aids from the Q & A series and the Examples & Explanations series.

Just post answers to these 3 Halloween Info Hunt questions to your Instagram or Facebook along with a photo relating to the question (or any fall or Halloween related picture) by November 1st. Your answers don’t need to be perfect—just close! Be sure to tag nyls_mendiklibrary on Instagram and @mendiklib on Facebook.

We’ll select five winners who will each get to choose one of the listed study aids.

Questions & Answers: Torts || Property || Con Law || Contracts || Civ Pro || Crim Law

Examples & Explanations: Torts || Property || Contracts || Civ Pro || Crim Law || Corporations || Prof Responsibility

#1: Is insulting one’s neighbors on Halloween tombstone decorations constitutionally protected speech, or is it the sort of abusive speech that would tend to incite a breach of the peace and is thereby prohibited? Find and cite the Seventh Circuit case deciding this issue.

    • Log into Lexis+
    • In the search box, type <<Halloween /p tombstone>>
    • Select the “Court” filter on the left and then choose 7th Circuit and then 7th Circuit Court of appeals


#2: In the early 1990s, a house buyer sued to rescind a purchase after learning the house was said to be possessed by poltergeists. Find the case in which the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, ruled the house haunted as a matter of law.

    • Go to Westlaw Edge and choose State materials and then New York
    • Select All New York State Cases
    • Under “Start a New Search,” click on Advanced Caselaw Search
    • Type possess <<poltergeist haunted>> in the search field
    • Run the search


#3: With Halloween come witches (and pumpkins, of course!). In his article, Something Wicked This Way Comes: A History of Witch Hunts, Associate Librarian and Professor of Legal Research Michael Roffer writes about the role the legal system played in historic and modern day “witch hunts.” After locating the article, provide the names of three of the five “witch hunts” detailed in the article and in Professor Roffer’s book from which the article was adapted: The Law Book: From Hammurabi to the International Criminal Court, 250 Milestones in the History of Law.

    • Go to Lexis+
      Under Content, select Legal News
    • Select the Advanced Search option above the search bar
    • Enter the title of the article (put it in quotation marks) in the Title field
    • Select Search