See Something, Say Something (So We Can Do Something)

Exams are here and your easygoing nature probably is diminishing quickly. There is so much studying and outlining to do — on top of reading and classes. Because of that, little things that you ignored last week are a big deal today.  So, if it bothers you, say something.

Tell us about the light bulb over your favorite study spot that is out; and about the person who always brings in those delectable garlic fries which are too garlicky and too greasy for the library; and, about the guy in the stairwell talking on his cell phone at full volume.

Tell us about the printers and copiers that are jammed, out of paper, or just plain uncooperative.

And tell us about the person who insists on using the library catalog terminal as a personal computer when you need to look up a resource.  And the woman who spilled her coffee all over the table and floor but didn’t clean it up before she walked off.  And the “one-person group” complete with contraband pizza that refuses to share a study room.

If you see, hear, or smell something, say something.  We can’t address “it” until we know about it. It’s your library and you’re here to study without distractions.  Let us help.