Presidents Day Sale!

Now’s your chance to own this year’s hottest library accessory at half the usual cost. Wednesday through Friday of this week you can buy the official Mendik Library mug for just $1.00. It is a must-have (literally) if you want to enjoy your coffee or other beverage in the library. Pick yours up at the Circulation Desk.

Remember – the Library’s food policy prohibits all beverages other than water unless contained in a spill-proof mug. The full policy is available here. Some limits on the food and drink allowed in the library are necessary to keep it clean and comfortable for many years to come. We must respect our physical space and work hard to maintain it. Spills spread, stain, and leave behind a sticky residue attractive only to vermin. Food that is smelly or messy or noisy disturbs and distracts everyone around you. Messy items provide more food for local vermin. You wouldn’t bring food or drink into the courtroom, or to a client’s office, or on an interview.

A spill-proof mug is all it takes to enter the library with any beverage you like. If you don’t have a spill-proof mug, pick one up at the circulation desk for $1.00. Everyone will appreciate your cooperation.