Library to Open at 12 Noon on Sunday, August 30

This Sunday, August 30, the NYC Fire Department will be conducting mandatory and comprehensive tests of the fire alarm system in the new building at 185 West Broadway.  We have been advised that fire alarms will be sounding throughout the building between 9 am and 4 pm.  For safety sake, these alarms will naturally be loud and distracting.

Under these circumstances, the law school has decided to delay the opening of the 185 West Broadway building until 12 noon on Sunday.  When the building does open, the tests will still be in progress, and there will likely be noisy disruptions moving from floor to floor.  However, the Stiefel Reading Room, on the first floor of A Building will also be open, and will be a reliably quiet study space for the duration of the testing.  The tests will be over by 4 pm, and the Library will remain open until its regular closing time of 10 pm.

We apologize for this inconvenience, which is necessary if we are to keep the new building open under the NYC Fire Code.