Got Food?

The brand new Mendik Library has a brand new food policy.  But, no one seems to be paying attention — yet.  That’s not good.  So, here’s your chance to keep the new food policy alive and liberal (along with keeping the brand new furniture in the brand new Mendik Library brand new).  Beginning Monday, August 31, 2009, you will not be permitted into the library if you are carrying prohibited food or drinks.  If you manage to enter the library with prohibited food or drinks, you will be asked to leave.

Remember, drinks (other than bottled water) are permitted only in a spill-proof, wide-bottomed mug.  Use the black NYLS spill-proof mug you received from the Alumni Association.  You can purchase additional mugs at the circulation desk and at the bookstore.  The general rule for food:  if it is messy, smelly, or noisy, enjoy it outside the library.  The full policy is set out below.  Please cooperate for the benefit of everyone.  Thanks.  \

While the library staff recognizes that a comfortable study and research environment should have a food and beverage policy that is not excessively restrictive, we also believe that some limitations are required to maintain an appropriate library environment.  Accordingly, the Mendik Library has implemented the following guidelines.  Beverages of all types are permitted in all areas of the library, as long as they are contained in spill-proof, covered, wide-bottomed mugs, similar to those issued by the Alumni Association. No food is permitted in computer rooms or in the reserve area.

Generally speaking, light snack foods such as fruit, candy, cookies (e.g., food generally dispensed in vending machines) are allowed.  Pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, wings, ice cream, and otherwise “messy” foods are not permitted.  Patrons are not allowed to have food delivered to the library.  Please note that users who bring in food that disrupts their fellow users’ study will be asked to remove that food from the library. Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves by placing food refuse in the receptacles provided for that purpose.  Food and drink should not be left unattended.