Group Study Rooms

With exams upon us demand for study rooms increases. Please remember that these rooms are for group, not individual, study. One person is not a group. Individual studiers must share the room or yield it. If you are alone, you may be asked by a fellow student or a librarian to yield the room to a group. Insisting that your group members are “coming soon” is not an acceptable excuse. If your group members are not present, there is no group, and you must yield the room to an actual group that is present.

Please don’t attempt to “reserve” a room by depositing some personal belongings and then disappearing. And please don’t spread your belongings out to give the appearance of a group presence.

If you would like assistance from a librarian in asking a single student to leave a room, contact the reference desk (; 212.431.2332).

Please be considerate of all of your colleagues at this stressful time of year.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.