A Carrel to Call Your Own! Carrel reservations begin Monday May 1, 2023.

Click on this photo for a virtual tour of The Mendik Library.


A Carrel to Call Your Own!

If you are an NYLS alum preparing for the Bar Exam, we invite you to reserve a library carrel on L3 or L4 for your own exclusive use from Thursday, May 18, through Wednesday, July 26, 2023—we’ll even put your name on it.

A library carrel can be your home away from home! Let it be your own personal study space while you gear up to rock the bar exam. Stop by and look around or visit our homepage and take a virtual tour. Just click on the photo above.

We will begin taking reservations on Monday, May 1, 2023. All you need to do is email Chantelle James at chantelle.james@nyls.edu and indicate by floor and carrel number which one you’d like to call your own. (All carrels are labeled by floor and carrel number. For example, the first carrel on level L3 is labeled L3-C1, the second is labeled L3-C2; the first carrel on level L4 is labeled L4-C1, etc.) Once you have sent your request, you will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation.

Don’t wait—get the study carrel of your choice. Beat the demand and check this off your list—reserve your carrel soon.

The Mendik Library is here to support you. We look forward to seeing you on a regular basis this summer.