(Current as of Wednesday morning, January 11.)

Where are the books and the librarians?
ALL of the Library’s book collections are now on the 4th floor of 40 Worth St.  The Reference Librarians are on duty there too.  Course reserves too.  Interlibrary loan department too.  If you have a library question, or you want to check out a book, come to the 4th floor of 40 Worth St.

Where are the best study spaces?
Although there are some tables and study carrels on the 4th floor, most of the study space is on the 14th floor.  This floor has the best views, too.

Where are the group study rooms?
There is currently only one group study room at 40 Worth St., and it’s on the 14th floor.  All of the group study rooms in the old library building are still open, except for the rooms on the 4th floor of the old library, which are temporarily closed.  When the 7th floor space in 40 Worth St. becomes available to us, there will be many more group study rooms there.

Where are the computer labs?
There are twelve PC computers in the Training Room on the 4th floor.  These machines print to the Océ printer in the Copier Room, which is just down the hall from the Training Room.

The Training Room will be used for 1L Westlaw training sessions between January 23 and February 14.  During other times, the PC’s are available for student use.

There are no computer labs on the 14th floor.  All Library computer labs will move to the 7th floor of 40 Worth St. when this becomes available to us.  In the meantime, all of the labs in the old library building are still functioning, with printers, except for the lab on the old library’s 4th floor.

Is there wireless network access?
Yes, in all library spaces on the 4th and 14th floors.

Where are the printers, and can I send jobs from my laptop?
There’s an Océ printer on the 4th floor, and another one in the reading room in the southwest corner of the 14th floor.  But the 14th floor printer is not functioning yet.  The Office of Information Technology staff is working to get both printers functioning, and to post instructions for how to send print jobs.

Where are the photocopiers?
There are two Océ photocopiers on the 14th floor, and one in the Reserve Room on the 4th floor.  But one of the 14th floor photocopiers is not functioning yet.  Remember that the Océ printers can also be used as photocopiers.

How do I report a malfunctioning printer or photocopier?
Call or visit Library Circulation, just as you’ve always done, no matter where the machine may be in the new or old library.  As we now have machines in two different buildings, it may take our staff a bit longer to clear out a paper jam.  Please consider moving your work to a functioning machine.  If you’re in a 14th floor area temporarily without an interoffice phone, you can use a cell phone to call 212-431-2333.

How do I report an emergency if I’m in an area that’s temporarily without an interoffice phone?
REPORT THE EMERGENCY TO THE SECURITY GUARD ON DUTY ON YOUR FLOOR.  Both the 4th and 14th floors are staffed with security guards every hour they are open.

Can I bring food or drink into the Library?
On the 4th floor: no food, water or drinks only in the approved mug.  On the 14th floor: food and drink are permitted, within reason.

Why are there so few trash receptacles?
We’re working with the Office of Facilities Management to get more.  Please be patient.

I need to watch a video for class.  Where do I go?
If the video is on Reserve, you can borrow it from there.  The video stations are also on 4, in the Audiovisual Room, which is just opposite Reserve.

The material I need is held in microform (microfilm or fiche.)  How do I get it?
The Library’s microform collections are now kept in a storage room in the 40 Worth St. building.  Ask at Reference, and your microform will be retrieved for you.  There is a microform reader/printer in the 4th floor Audiovisual room.

In the On-Line Catalog, the book I’m looking for says “Off-Site/Ask at Circulation.”  What does this mean?
Your book is in remote storage.  We can retrieve it for you in a few days.  Ask the Reference or Circulation staffs on the 4th floor.  Your book will be delivered to and held at the Circulation Desk.

How do I get from the 4th floor library space to the 14th floor library space?
You have two options:  (1) Take the elevator down to the lobby, walk through the security area to the elevator bank on the other side of the building, and take the elevator up to 14, or  (2) Take the elevator up to 7, walk to the opposite elevator bank and take an elevator to 12, and then walk down the hall to the elevator bank that goes up to 14.  To go from 14 to 4, reverse the process.  Neither option is faster than the other.

Are Library hours the same at 40 Worth St. (the new library) and 240 Church St. (the old library)?
Yes, the scheduled hours of operation are identical at both sites.

Is the Library open on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 16?
No, it is closed, but open regular hours (10 a.m. to 10 p.m.) on the weekend before.

Current as of Wednesday morning, January 11.

Wireless printing, and the printer on the 14th floor.
Wireless printing will work the same as it did in the old library. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is setting up the print queues; watch the OIT Web page for specific information.  The printer on the 14th floor needs electrical work; this may take a few days.

Restrooms on the 4th floor.
These were not ready for move-in day.  Contractors are working on them, and we expect them to be ready within a few weeks.  In the meantime, you should use the restrooms on the 3rd floor, which have combination locks.  Ask at 4th floor Reference for instructions.

Card-swipe entry, and access through the 40 Worth Street entrance.
Your new NYLS ID card will enable you to walk through the security turnstiles of the 220 Church St. entrance without stopping at the guard’s desk, and to enter through the right-hand door at the 40 Worth St. entrance.  You just swipe your card for automatic entry.  However, this feature has not been activated.  Until it is, you must enter through 220 Church St. and show the security guard your NYLS ID.

Copycard vendor.
This machine has been installed in the Copier Room on the 4th floor, but it is not yet operational.  It will be in service very soon.  In the meantime, the copycard vending machine on the 1st floor of the old library building is still functioning.

Interoffice phones in public library areas.
They are expected very soon.  In the meantime, you may use a cell phone to reach interoffice extensions: 1-212-431-xxxx.