Course Registration for Legal Research Classes

Course registration for 2015-2016 has begun. It’s time to put together your schedule for the next academic year. The ability to find the legal material you need to interpret and analyze is critical. Effective research skills are vital to all students engaged in any type of legal writing, as well as to those who are clerking, participating in internships, and entering legal practice. We hope you will consider taking a research class or two during law school. NYLS offers upper division research skills courses designed to give students the opportunity to enhance their skills and become more efficient and confident researchers. Each semester a 3-credit course and two 1-credit classes are offered. The Foreign & International research class is a 2-credit course.

Our schedule for 2015 -2016 includes:
LEGAL RESEARCH: PRACTICAL SKILLS (1credit, Fall ‘15 and Spring ‘16. This 1-credit course reviews and builds on the research skills introduced in the first year to help students refine their skills and learn shortcuts. It is taught on four Saturdays during each semester.)
LEGAL RESEARCH: SKILLS FOR THE DIGITAL WORLD (3 credits, Fall ‘15 and Spring ‘16. This 3-credit course reviews and builds on fundamental research skills as well as introducing more advanced techniques. Students have more time to concentrate on understanding various research sources and practicing their skills.)
LEGAL RESEARCH: PRACTICAL SKILLS: Foreign & International (2 credits, Fall ‘15. This course is an introduction to the major sources and research techniques used in Foreign & International Law research.)
LEGAL RESEARCH: PRACTICAL SKILLS: Intellectual Property (1 credit, Spring ‘16. This 1-credit class reviews and builds on fundamental research skills using sources that focus on Intellectual Property Law.)​