Law School 411

The study and practice of law has frequently been described as encompassing both the scholarly and popular aspects of cultural life. The Mendik Library’s Law School 411 LibGuide provides an online multimedia bibliography to students thinking about law school as well as to those currently enrolled. It features books, movies and websites dedicated to the all-pervasive discipline of law.  Take a moment to explore the Guide’s many offerings, which run the gamut from inspiring stories about social justice, to ways in which students can maximize the many facets of the law school experience.

Free SCOTUSblog App Now Available

SCOTUSblog, a popular blog providing comprehensive coverage of the United States Supreme Court, recently announced the availability of a FREE iOS app.

The new app provides mobile access to the content available on SCOTUSblog, access to its Twitter feed, and notifications alerting users to breaking Supreme Court news.  It will also “be rolling out new features and improvements regularly.”

You can download the FREE SCOTUSblog iOS App at the App Store.

LASIS Blog Wins Again

For the second year in a row, NYLS’s LASIS blog was named a fan favorite in the ABA Journal’s annual list of the top 100 law blogs (The Blawg 100).  This year, LASIS was voted number 1 in the News/Analysis category, besting a host of other blogs, including Above the Law, The Volokh Conspiracy, the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times, and The Am Law Daily.  It received nearly 100 more votes than the nearest competitor.  Continuing congratulations to all the folks at LASIS!

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LASIS a Top Blog Again

The ABA Journal has just released its sixth annual list of the top 100 law blogs (or blawgs). 

NYLS’s own Legal As She Is Spoke (LASIS) blog, a product of the Program in Law and Journalism under the direction of Michelle Zierler, once again makes that prestigious list.  The blog’s staff and writers are students in Professor Zierler’s Legal Reporting classes.  Congratulations LASIS! 

The ABA Journal now asks for readers to vote on their favorites in each of 15 categories.  LASIS appears in the category News/Analysis.  Voting ends at close of business on December 21, 2012.  Here is the link to vote for your choice in each category. 

The ABA’s description of LASIS is below.

Student bloggers provide legal analysis of news, opinion, the arts and a catch-all category, “potpourri,” on this official blog of the New York Law School’s Program in Law and Journalism. This year LASIS is sporting a refreshed design. A recent series features dispatches from Tanzania, where a student is interning at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Last Prize Drawing for OneLs

The last prize drawing of the semester for those who register and remain registered for the Mendik Law Library News blog will be held on Friday, November 12, 2010. Only OneLs who remain registered for Mendik Law Library News as of November 12, 2010 are eligible. Winners will receive one of three NYLS Guest Cards ($5 each), which can be used for printing and copying as well as food purchases at the coffee bar and the café.

If you are already registered (or, once you do register), all you need to do to enter the drawing is forward a copy of the FeedBlitz email that announces the posting of the blog entry that will appear on Thursday November 4 titled “Remember the 5th of November” to Winners will be contacted by email.

If you are not already subscribed it’s not too late – go to this page, enter your email address and click Submit (under email notifications); then follow the instructions above.


What are Blogs Anyway?

Blogs are frequently updated web pages that collect links to news, articles, or other types of material and often provide personal commentary on a particular subject.  Law oriented blogs (sometimes called ‘blawgs’) have exploded in the past decade and like other types of blogs, they run the gamut in both focus and quality.  When they are good, they can be a great way to keep up with legal news, novel legal theories, new technology, emerging case law, proposed statutes or regulations, and other trends that affect anyone involved in the law. You can subscribe to blogs and have them delivered directly to you via an RSS feed. The library web page (Current Awareness Sources >> Law Blogs) has a hyperlinked guide to finding blogs focused on law school, law teaching, and the practice of law, as well as a collection of links to selected law blogs.