And the Winners are . . .

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Legally Clueless Info Hunt held last Thursday, August 28.

Congratulations to: Juliet Knapp-Vega, Barbie Melendez, John Michalski, Amelia Maddox, Kevin McLafferty, Daniel Oquendo, Kyle Reed, and Laura Rion.    Among the prizes our winners picked were Black’s Law Dictionary, study aids in Contract Law, Torts, Civil Procedure, and Property Law, a $10 OneCard guest card, and 500 Lexis points.   We also wanted to thank ALL participants for joining in what we hope you found to be a fun learning experience!

Congratulations also to our “Keep your coffee off us for a chance to have coffee on us” winners:  Evelina Sierzputowska, Jacqueline Henry Lucio, Eddie Balkus, and Ally Rockolf, each of whom will receive a $5 OneCard guest card.

There will be more chances to win later this semester.  Stay tuned!  Our next Info Hunt will brew in time for Halloween (but don’t be scared).