WSJ Law Blog: Advice for 1Ls

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog asked 6 noted lawyer/authors for advice and reflections on the One L year:

Scott Turow: "Remember that law school is not lawyer school — it’s about more and less."
Jeremy Blachman: "The one thing I wish someone had told me before law school was that
it’s worth it to spend a few extra dollars and buy casebooks that
aren’t full of someone else’s highlighting.."
Cameron Stracher: "Hello.  Disconnect your Ipod.  Close your e-mail.  Shut off your cell phone."
Jeffrey Toobin: "The One L year addresses the most profound issues in law — about the
obligations of citizens to one another, the role of the government, the
place of the courts in sorting out conflict."
Saira Rao:" You’re officially a 1L — how exciting! Law school isn’t nearly as scary or stressful as many would have you believe."

There’s also an open thread post.