A Carrel to Call Your Own!

If you’re an NYLS alum studying for the Bar Exam, we invite you to choose your own personal Library carrel (on L3 or L4) for your exclusive use through the July 27-28 Bar Exam.

We’ll put your name on the carrel, and you can use it as your temporary home away from home.  Who knows…you may occasionally find study treats left just for you.

All you need to do is send an email to darlene.young@nyls.edu, and indicate the number of the carrel you’d like to call your own.  All carrels are labeled by floor and carrel number.  For example, the first available carrel on level L3 is labeled L3-C1, the second is labeled L3-C3; the first carrel on level L4 is labeled L4-C4, etc.

Due to Covid-19 distancing requirements, the number of carrels available for use this summer is limited.  If you would like to reserve a carrel, please do so as soon as possible.  Here are the currently available socially distanced carrels:

Regular habits are essential for Bar Exam study.  And we in the Library CARE about your success.  We look forward to seeing you.