Vaccines, Vaccination and Immunization Laws

The COVID-19 pandemic has focused much debate on vaccines and vaccination.  An important resource providing expert treatment of this specialized area of the law is Brian Dean Abramson’s treatise, Vaccine, Vaccination, and Immunization Law, available via Bloomberg Law (NYLS email and password required).

The treatise covers a wide range of relevant laws and regulations.  Topics include the research and development process, public mandates, including mandatory child vaccinations and the legal consequences of failure to vaccinate, as well as medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions.  State-by-state coverage of each jurisdiction’s common requirements and the unique legal characteristics of childhood and adult vaccinations, isolation and quarantine laws, patent law elements relevant to securing and enforcing protection for vaccines, and other intellectual property protections such as trademark, trade secret, unfair competition, and copyright law are also included. Additional topics are compensation for vaccine injuries, products liability, failure to warn, medical malpractice and punitive damages.