Upper-Class Students: Update Your Email Address!

If you entered NYLS before the Fall semester of 2008, you were assigned an email address ending in @nyls.edu.  In August 2008 NYLS changed email systems; all student email addresses now end in @law.nyls.edu.  For one year, all messages sent to a student’s old address were automatically forwarded to the new one.  But this automatic forwarding ended in April 2009.

Chances are that you used your original first-year email address to set up your Lexis and Westlaw accounts.  If you have not updated your Lexis and Westlaw account profiles, then email notices sent by these vendors to your old address are no longer reaching you.  This includes important communications, such as acknowledgements that are sent when you change your Lexis or Westlaw password, and notices from your Lexis and TWEN Webcourses.

Pease take a moment now to update your email address in your Lexis and Westlaw profiles.  Simple instructions for doing this can be found at http://www.nyls.edu/library/how_do_i/update_password_profiles.