Temperature Control in Library Study Areas

On autumn days when the outdoor temperature becomes unseasonably warm, it may be difficult to keep the indoor temperature comfortable in library study areas at 40 Worth St. This is because 40 Worth St. does not have year-round air conditioning.  In mid-October the building’s central air conditioning system is turned off for the season, and cannot be turned back on. Once the central air conditioning is off, the only way to cool our study areas is to open windows and turn down radiators.  And these tactics are not always completely effective, particularly on warm autumn days.

If the area where you are studying becomes uncomfortably warm, you should report this to the library staff (in person or at ext. 2332) or to NYLS maintenance (at ext. 2820.) But please keep in mind that, under the circumstances, we do not have complete control of the situation. There are a few library areas that have window air conditioners, and there are some parts of the library that are simply cooler than others.  You may wish to move your studying to a more comfortable part of the library, at least until the temperature outside becomes more seasonal.