TAX BNA Training

If you are taking any tax classes or are interested in tax law,  you may want to sign up to learn about the BNA Tax and Accounting Center.  BNA offers the very popular Tax Management Portfolios with in depth discussion and references to tax primary sources.  Portfolios are available on a variety of topics ranging from Doing Business in Brazil to Golden Parachutes.  BNA provides access to primary sources as well as detailed analysis of tax issues in the areas of U.S. Income, Federal Estates and Gifts, and Foreign and International Tax.  Classes will be taught by Tome Tanevski, an attorney editor of the BNA Tax Management Portfolios.

When:  Thursday Oct. 20  6:00-6:50
Where:  Library Room L206
Sign up:  Send email to Rosalie Sanderson at

Don’t miss this great opportunity!!