Get ready for exams with the Library

Four important Library resources to keep in mind as you prepare for upcoming exams.

First: The Library’s Study Aids guide contains links to digital study aids and locations of print versions) to help you review particular subjects and enhance or test your understanding of a particular topic or point of law.

Second: Check out our complete collection of digital study aids on the LexisNexis Digital Library. Log in with your network ID.

Third: One of the best ways to prepare for a professor’s exam is to see what they have done in the past! It’s a great way to understand how your professor thinks. The Library maintains an archive of previous years’ exams for most courses. To access, log into the NYLS Portal. Under the Student Resources tab, select “Exams, Grades, and Registration.” You can access these exams by course or professor name.

Fourth: The Library’s Exam Preparation Resources guide offers a host of materials containing practical advice and strategies designed to help you navigate the exam process. They include NYLS resources, the LexisNexis Digital Library, CALI Lessons, exams tips and podcasts and videos.

Your Classmates Say: Shhhhhhhh!!

That’s right; it’s not us, but your fellow students, who want the library to remain QUIET during finals.  Please do your part.  Even if you can study amidst noise and commotion, remember that not everyone else can.  At this time of year, even a little noise for a short time around those who are preparing for finals, doing take-home finals, or writing papers, is the height of rude behavior.

Please remember, all reading and stack areas in the Library are QUIET STUDY ZONES.  You should avoid conversation and unnecessary noise.  Be particularly mindful of the need for quiet as you enter and leave the Library.  Voices in the corridors and elevator vestibules carry into the reading areas and disturb those trying to study.

The Library can get crowded, and tensions can mount.  The only way to maintain an appropriate study atmosphere is through student cooperation.  Please keep this in mind always, and especially at this time of year.

Thanks to everyone for their anticipated cooperation.  And best of luck to you all on your exams.