Sweeping Changes Coming to FRCP

Sweeping changes are coming to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, effective December 1, 2007. The changes consist of comprehensive style amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 1-86 and style revisions to the Illustrative Civil Forms. The changes are intended to clarify and simplify the rules without changing their substantive meaning. More information on the new rules and forms, including the text of the rules amendments, excerpts of reports of the Rules Committees, and a chart listing each instance where a current Civil Rule was renumbered in the Restyled Civil Rules, is posted at the United States Courts web site. The web site also addresses amendments to Appellate Rule 25; Bankruptcy Rules 1014, 3007, 4001, 6006, and 7007.1, and new Rules 6003, 9005.1, and 9037; and Criminal Rules 11, 32, 35, 45, and new Rule 49.1.