Survey Results: The Right Pizza for Every Student

During First Week, we surveyed one-Ls regarding their use of online communication tools.  We asked the 536 students attending Library tours to answer five questions regarding digital communication tools.  Although we were not necessarily attempting to establish baseline data for entering law students, the results are certainly interesting.

The members of the class of 2010/11 overwhelmingly still prefer email to either IM or text messaging.  Email is the primary communication tool for 67% of these students, as opposed to 24% for text messaging and 8.3% for IM.   Facebook beats MySpace handily as the social networking site of choice.  The margin is almost two to one.  One-Ls do not seem to rely on blogs much, if at all; only 14% of the students responded that they subscribed to any blogs.

The results also reveal a resounding majority vote for pepperoni as the one-Ls’ pizza topping of choice!

Click here for the complete survey results.