Quiet, please.

We are receiving complaints from students who feel that their fellow students are sometimes being too noisy in the Library. Remember that even if you are the type of student who can study well around noise and commotion, not everyone else feels the same way. Remember also that all reading rooms and stack areas in the Library are Quiet Study Zones. The only exception is the reading area immediately next to the Reference Desk on L1.

Within Quiet Study Zones:

• Never engage in conversation. A few words at a whisper should always suffice. If you must engage in conversation, take it to the Library stairwells or outside.

• Make sure the sounds on your laptop, phone, and/or tablet are off and that any music you may be listening to through headphones is not loud enough for others to hear.

• When you enter or leave a group study room, remember to close the door (quietly) behind you.

• If you become aware of a noisy condition—e.g., a squeaky door, a thumping photocopier, rumbling equipment— report it immediately to the Library staff at ext. 2332 or reference@nyls.edu.