Q: When is a student a Kioskuser?

A:  When the student is using a convenience PC in the Library.

The convenience PCs, located just outside the elevators on every Library floor, are for searching our Online Catalog.  They’re also handy for using the portal, checking your email, or making quick visits to the Internet.  You can open documents on them, and you can print from them.

But when you’re using a convenience PC, you’re not logged into the network.  So when you send a print job, the network doesn’t know it’s coming from you.  Instead, your job shows up in the printer’s queue as having come from someone named Kioskuser.  And if a dozen students all send jobs from the convenience PCs, then all those jobs land in the print queue looking like they came from Kioskuser.  It can get very confusing!

Luckily, it’s easy to avoid this confusion!  For printing important documents, head down to the labs on L2.  There are dozens of PCs there where you can log in to the network.  And once you’re logged in, the network knows you’re you.  Your jobs go to the print queue with your name, which makes them much easier to identify.