Please Report Printer and Copier Problems

As final exams approach, the printers and copiers in library spaces get more use.  And with more use, they tend to experience more problems.  The library staff will continue to do the best we can to get these machines serviced promptly, though with the library space spread among several non-contiguous floors in two separate buildings, this continues to be a challenge for us.  We rely heavily on students to report printer and copier problems.  The faster problems are called in, the faster we can get the machines serviced!

Please help us by making sure to call in reports of malfunctioning machines (that don’t already have "out of order signs" on them) to the Library at x2333.  If you’re at a machine that is not near an interoffice phone, you can use your cell phone to call us at 212-431-2333.  This is the number for reporting every sort of problem, from paper jams to network outages to malfunctioning card readers.