Welcoming Our New Online Catalog!


During the semester break the Library will be rolling out our new online catalog (which is part of a wider integrated library software system named Koha.) This will replace our existing catalog.

The new online catalog will provide all the features that you’ve come to expect from our current system. You’ll use it to search the Library’s collections of books and electronic resources. It will help you identify your course reserves, charge these out, and renew them. It will keep track of the materials you’ve borrowed, tell you when they’re due to be returned, and list any Library fines or fees you may have incurred.

Plus, the new online catalog will offer features not found in our current catalog, such as search history and filtering of search results. If you like Amazon’s website, you’re likely to be more comfortable with the new catalog.

All of your account information in our current catalog will migrate to the new online catalog. Your Library barcode and login credentials will remain the same. Our award-winning mobile app, Mendik Mobile, is still available, and none of its features will change.

The go-live date for our new online catalog will be Monday, December 21.

The Library staff thanks you for your patience and understanding as we migrate from one software platform to another. If you notice any glitches when using the new catalog, please bring them to our attention so that we can work to resolve them.

We believe you’ll be pleased with the final product.