New! Web Access to NY Law Journal and other Legal Newspapers!

We now have a site-license for unlimited access to all articles and cases found on the websites of four major legal newspapers: The New York Law Journal, The New Jersey Law Journal, The National Law Journal, and The American Lawyer. These sites offer the latest legal news, with a six-month archive. Earlier content is available on Lexis.

Access is easy: Under Electronic Resources on the Library’s homepage, click Complete List by Title. The newspapers are listed there alphabetically. Click on the “website” link for the title you want. If you’re on campus, you’ll go straight to the newspaper’s website. Off campus, you’ll be prompted to enter your name and ID barcode.

We’re still working out some technical issues, but once we’re done you’ll also be able to subscribe to emailed alerts from these newspapers. They serve as excellent current awareness sources. Watch this Mendik Matters blog for further announcements!