Mendik Mobile Update

We’ve just received word that our Mendik Mobile app has received a major update for iPhones and iPads.  Although updates to iOS apps usually happen automatically and transparently, this one will be different, requiring you to take affirmative steps.

When you use Mendik Mobile on your iPhone or iPad, you will see a banner at the very top of the home screen that says, “Your app is outdated, please update!”  Tap on that banner, and you’ll jump to a page on Apple’s App Store where you can download and install the updated app.  This will result in your having two Mendik Mobile apps on your device.  You should delete the older one, using the iOS deletion procedure.

Functionality of the new Mendik Mobile app will be the same as the old, and the old app will continue to work for the time being.  But error messages may appear on the old app, and eventually it will cease to function.  Thus, we encourage you to upgrade, as soon as it is convenient.  If you have any difficulty with the update process, please contact the Library Reference Desk.