Major Online Catalog Enhancement: Pathfinder Pro

The Mendik Library is pleased to announce a major enhancement to its online catalog. The Pathfinder Pro feature allows  users  to search the catalog to discover which resources are owned on a particular topic, and then click on a “Find Other Resources” button that opens up a screen that lists major subscription databases such as Hein Online, Index to Legal Periodicals, LegalTrac and 17 other databases and catalogs. Choosing any one of these will cause the program to run your catalog search in that database.

In addition, the Pathfinder button also allows you to make the same search in the catalogs of Brooklyn Law, NYU Law, Cardozo Law, Fordham Law and Columbia Law libraries.  It also covers more general sources such as JSTOR (an archive of journals going back to the 19th century), Google Scholar and WorldCat (a  catalog covering the holdings of most American libraries).  In most of the legal databases, the search made in the catalog will return thousands of hits. However, each data source allows you to refine a search and narrow the results down to a specific set.