Important changes have been made to the Library lab PCs. Most students use these labs, and so should pay careful attention to the following:

Network Login: All lab PCs have been reconfigured to login automatically to a generic account named “Lab User”. You will no longer login with your personal username and password. Rather, the PC you’re using will have a desktop that gives you access to internet browsers and applications – Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat – logged in as Lab User.

Password? Your lab PC shouldn’t be asking you for a password, but if it does, just restart the PC.

My Network Account? You won’t be able to login to your own network account when you’re working at a lab PC. If you want to save a file you have several choices: 1) Save it to your OneDrive; 2) Email it to yourself; 3) Save it to a thumb drive.

Name Your Documents before Printing!!! When you send a document to print, it will appear in the queue as coming from “Lab User”, a generic name. To make sure you can identify your own document in the queue, you must give it a name you can recognize! If your document is named “Document1” you won’t be able to distinguish it from other users’ documents. Save it with a unique name before you send it to the printer!

The Library staff stands ready to help you adjust to these changes. Just visit the Reference Desk, or call us at ext. 2332.