Food (and Drink) for Thought

For those of you who have been complying with the library’s Food and Drink Policy, thank you. Some limits on the food and drink allowed in the library are necessary to keep our beautiful new building clean and comfortable for many years to come. Remember: All beverages, excluding water, must be in spill-proof mugs. This includes soda, coffee, and juice. Only light snack and light meal items are allowed. No food is allowed in the Electronic Research Classrooms and drinks must be in a spill-proof mug. Unattended food and drink items will be discarded.

Unfortunately, a number of people continue to ignore the policy. So, beginning during the week of April 25, you will see more librarians walking more frequently through the library; they will ask you to dispose of any offending items immediately or to leave the library to enjoy them elsewhere. Your help is appreciated to avoid creating unnecessary confrontations and the resulting distractions to you and your fellow students who are trying to study.

Why do we have the policy we do? Because it represents an appropriate compromise between allowing students to eat and drink while studying and ensuring respect for not only the physical space but also the interests of other members (present and future) of the law school community. Beverages spill, rendering the immediate space unusable until it is cleaned. Spills spread, stain, and leave behind a sticky residue attractive only to vermin. Food that is smelly or messy or noisy disturbs and distracts everyone around you. Messy items provide more food for local vermin. You wouldn’t bring food or drink into the courtroom, or to a client’s office, or on an interview.

A spill-proof mug is all it takes to enter the library with any beverage you like. If you don’t have a spill-proof mug, pick one up at the circulation desk for $3.00.

Everyone will appreciate your cooperation.