Pizza Survey Results Delivered

For the twelfth consecutive year, the Mendik Library surveyed 1Ls during First Week about some of their digital inclinations. For the complete survey and how they compare to results over the past five years, click here. For results back to 2007, click here.

Spoiler alert—pepperoni once again repeated as the most popular pizza topping, this time based on the preferences of 366 members of the classes of 2022/23. These students also responded to questions about:

• their preferred platforms for electronic communication;

• their usage of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Blogs & Podcasts;

• the digital devices they owned and used, including Macs v. PCs, Smartphones, Tablets and E-Book Readers.

Some highlights:


Text messaging remains the dominant preference at 77%, four points lower than the previous year. Email saw a slight uptick from 11% to 16%.

Social Media

Instagram continues to dominate (56%) as the social networking platform of choice for these students. Only 11% labeled Facebook as the social networking platform they used most often.

Preferred Devices

• When it comes to the computer students use most often, Macs are favored over PCs 3:1.


• Roughly 70% of students reported having used an e-textbook for undergraduate or graduate school classes, an increase from 62% in the previous year.

• Significantly, only 17% of students preferred using an e-textbook to a print textbook, which is consistent with data from prior years.


Pepperoni continues to reign supreme as students’ favorite pizza topping, pulling in 26% of the vote. Extra cheese was its closest competitor at 19%, followed by mushrooms at 11%.