The DRAGNET Family Is Growing!

DRAGNET (Database Retrieval Access using Google’s New Electronic Technology) is a popular feature of the Mendik Library’s Website that searches more than 80 recommended Websites of interest to legal researchers.  You can access DRAGNET directly from our homepage.  Now we’re incorporating Google’s Custom Search feature into two other areas of our site.

First, for more than a year, we’ve been linking to approximately 150 online legal journals whose Websites offer free access to their current issue, and often back issues as well. We’ve now added a Google Custom Search bar that lets you simultaneously search the full text of all those journals.  Second, we now employ the Google Custom feature to let you search the constitutions, statutory codes, and administrative codes of all 50 states simultaneously.

We’re continuing to develop and improve DRAGNET as well as adding to the collection of sources searched. We always welcome your suggestions.