Law Student Scholarships for Continuing Legal Education Seminars Sponsored by PLI

Do you want to develop additional expertise in certain areas of the law in which you intend to practice? Do you want to explore or learn more about certain areas of the law in which you may be interested in practicing? Do you want additional opportunities to meet and network with practicing attorneys and in-house counsel? An excellent way to accomplish any or all of the above is through attending continuing legal education seminars. The non-profit Practicing Law Institute (PLI) is a preeminent CLE provider that offers a wide range of seminars, conducted by panels of distinguished practitioners, judges and law professors, in virtually all areas of the law. While practicing attorneys pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to attend these seminars PLI generally awards full tuition scholarships to law students wishing to attend most programs (a $15 non-refundable application fee is required). You can obtain a copy of the application outside the Career Services offices, from the display racks in the library’s popular reading section or from the PLI website itself. You can also obtain detailed descriptions of upcoming programs as well as more information about PLI, including its offerings to law students, at its website.