Grow Your CALR Skills

Now that the scheduled CALR classes for first year students have concluded, we wanted to remind you of the many opportunities that remain to continue to develop and hone your newly acquired skills.  The representatives from both LexisNexis (Nejat Bumin) and Westlaw (Stefanie Efrati) offer a variety of specialized and more advanced classes, including classes that will enable you to achieve “Certification” as a researcher on one or both systems.  Certification can be a valuable credential in the eyes of prospective employers.  There’s never a charge for any of these classes or for Certification itself and we encourage you to pursue as many of these opportunities as possible.  We also encourage you to pursue additional CALR instruction with us.  Each semester we offer a series of Research Skills sessions (40-50 minutes each), all designed to make you a better and faster legal researcher.  Look for the Research Skills Workshops link on our web page.   And don’t forget the for-credit classes we offer each semester — Advanced Legal Research (3 cr) and Legal Research: Practical Skills (1 cr).